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The Best Mentor I have Ever Had

"Sam brings rare and desirable characteristic of "what more can I do". While working with him you can feel his passion and while he was the most knowledgeable person in the room you never felt like he was looking down upon your knowledge level. He is extremely patient and I would consider him the best mentor I have ever had in any field that I have been involved with."

JT Healy, Videography Student for 2+ years with Sam

Every session I learn something new from Sam
"Tutoring with Sam has been a wonderful experience! He truly cares about your success and caters his sessions to where you are at in your learning journey. Every session I learn something new from Sam and he goes out of his way to help me with any question no matter how big or small. Tutoring with Sam has not only set me up with a good understanding of the basics, but has also given me great advice for reaching out to clients. I highly recommend Sam, especially if you are just starting your journey and looking for a strong foundation in videography/photography principles. My whole experience has been amazing because of his insightful advice, patience, and constructive/positive feedback!"

Anne McCormack, Videography Student for 4+ months with Sam

Wonderful tutor!

"Sam is very responsive and punctual. My son is really enjoying his video editing sessions with Sam and has been learning some great, new techniques. I recommend hiring Sam for your tutoring needs!"

Liat Reiss, Mother of Video Editing & YouTube Student for 9+ months with Sam

He's very patient, knowledgeable

"Sam is amazing.  With his help I was comfortable and up to speed in Premiere in no time!  He’s very patient, knowledgeable - and always up for any design challenge I throw his way.  Cheers Sam!"

Bruce Egger, Motion Graphics student for 9+ months with Sam

I Highly Recommend Him

"Sam is a really great teacher and just a great guy in general. I have only been working with him for a few months and since starting, I have greatly improved in my knowledge and understanding of Adobe Premiere Pro. I am an aspiring Youtuber and greatly appreciate his innovative thinking, which helps me expand in my creativity. The "learning by doing" style of teaching that he has always results in me feeling a great since of achievement at the end of each lesson. I highly recommend him for anyone that wants to learn Video editing."

Janice Bailey, Aspiring YouTube Creator and Student for 6+ months with Sam

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